Medlemsvillkor och kundklubb

General information:

When you become a member of our customer club with us at Bionic Gorilla, you will agree to these terms. We have other types of conditions regarding payment, purchase and delivery. You can find these conditions on our website under the name “Purchase conditions” where there is also more information about our regulations regarding returns and right of withdrawal, for example.


Registration and membership for you as a customer with us:

You must be 18 years of age and be a private individual to be able to apply to become a member of our customer club. Your membership is personal and cannot be used by anyone else. You may not use your membership with us for business purposes as you are only entitled to one membership. We will offer you who become a member with us a VIP sale, early access to the sale and other information of importance for membership.

In order to register a membership with us, you must enter your first and last name, your e-mail address and your telephone number. You will then be able to add several types of contact information. We recommend that you do this in order to take part in our offers. We use communication through, for example, text messages to be able to issue our offers. If you would like to change anything in your contact information, we ask that you update your changes immediately so that you can have the opportunity for all our benefits/bonuses.

We at Bionic Gorilla will analyze and perform a profiling based on your disclosed personal data and your purchase behavior with us. We use this method so that you as our customer will have the opportunity to receive offers via targeted marketing.

Your membership with us is both free of charge and card-free. You can find management of your membership on our website.


If you want to cancel your membership:

Your membership is valid without time limit and you can choose to end your membership at any time. If you choose to cancel your membership with us, it will automatically end 30 days after you notify us of cancellation. If for any reason you should receive a protected identity or die, your membership will automatically be terminated. If you breach any of our terms and conditions, we have the right to terminate your membership immediately.


Limitation of own responsibility:

Should there be a loss or damage caused by technical errors, reduced functions or similar errors related to the customer club, we are not responsible for these.

Other information for you as a customer:

If you need more information about our customer club, please contact our customer service at .